Be Discovered

Regardless of how discovered you are – not at all, on your way, or “arrived”, – a new level of being discovered is always possible! DMA partners with artists at every level – the emerging and seasoned artist!

At discoverMYart (“DMA”) we classify artists into two categories: The “typical artist” and the “busyness artist”.

The typical artist is, well, your typical artist. That is, he is clearly artistic and creative, but has little skills or desire with regards to the business aspect of his artwork. He needs assistance in managing and marketing his creativity.

The busyness artist is both creative and business-minded. She is a business artist. They are able and have the desire to manage and market their creativity as if it were a business. We most often call them a ‘busyness artist’ because whilst they have business acumen they are just too busy to put it into effect. The busyness artist also needs assistance.