You are unique, creative, and in control! You love to wear designer outfits tailor-made for you; decorating your home with unique hand-made furnishings you had a part in designing; or just building your own pizza and telling the chef how you like it.

Enter the Art Commission! You don’t want to select from what is available. You want to make it available! You have an idea and you want it on your wall. Or maybe it’s just a portrait of someone special. Whatever the reason for your request of your own uniquely created artwork, the artists affiliated with DiscoverMyArt (“DMA”) have enough talent and creative prowess to make your request a reality.

DMA knows it’s an easy and abused marketing technique to throw around to advertise that you are getting a discount when actually you are not. We have an agreement with our artists – even when you contact them directly with your commission request, having received your commission quote, you may then mail it to us at and we will activate the discount for you on that quote – it’s a real discount! We trust our artists and they trust us!!

If you have discovered the artist through DMA’s marketing and networking, in other words on our website or affiliated social media, then you will qualify for at least a 10% (ten percent) discount on the quoted amount

E-mail us at to make a request or for more information.

Most artists will not decline your commission, even if it is not their preferred style, subject, or medium because it is money in the pocket of course. But DMA believes that if your request is the artists passion and style, then you will most likely be happier at the end of it all. To give you an idea how to choose, DMA has summed up the artists as they know them, for you:

Andre Meintjes – Andre can be commissioned to paint with meticulous detail portraits, wildlife, pets, vintage cars, nudes, botany and really anything that requires exceptional attention to detail. However, Andre is not merely a duplicate master and is more than able to translate to canvas your idea that has no hardcopy image. Andre’s preferred medium is oil paints. Commission Andre at

Tony Fredriksson – The driftwood sculptor. Need a space in your home, office, or entrance hall of your head office to demand attention in the form of a decor piece, idea, or brand logo or image! The subject can be anything and Tony can masterfully give shape to it with wood. You want the piece to be rough or refined? Tony is the master in both – Wood is his clay! Commission Tony at

Odette Powell – If you would love to commission a painting of botany, landscapes, or abstracts then this is your artist. Odette lives in that balance between realism and creativity. If you love to recognise the subject/theme but with a creative edge then Odette may be the artist you would want to commission. In addition, Odette has a great comprehension of interior spaces and decor and if you are looking for a wall to fill or a home or business to decorate then you will already be one step ahead with Odette as your choice. Odette is comfortable with all mediums. Commission Odette at

Shaun Fredriksson – Adventure and organic! Those two words best describe Shaun. And since they do, they also best describe his artwork. If you are thinking African, nomadic, nude, erotic, tribalism, adventurous, raw, and nature; then Shaun is thinking it with you! Shaun’s style is creatively realistic. In other words he has a creative eye for the theme to be painted and a detailed hand to execute the thought. Shaun also loves to use scrap metal (which is treated to prevent further rusting) for an added effect! Commission Shaun at