DiscoverMyArt (“DMA”) understands that a poor delivery process can spoil a good product and DMA therefore strives to provide a shipping process that is professional, reliable and affordable.

Shipping of Original Artwork

The original artwork(s)/product(s) (“Original Artwork”) can be situated at a variety of locations such as the artists’ studio, a gallery, an exhibition showroom, at the DiscoverMyArt offices, etc.  Therefore when an Original Artwork is ordered by you the buyer, it first needs to be despatched from its starting location to a central location (see note* below) or directly to the buyer’s specified shipping address.

*Note for International Shipping: If multiple Original Artworks from differing artists is ordered, it then makes logistical and economical sense for DMA to courier all the artworks to a central location: such as the DMA office at Yaverland Rd Y41H3, White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa; or one of its business partners such as one of the galleries, printers, framers, etc. situated in one of the main metropolis in South Africa, depending on the shipping packaging required and other logistical factors. Due to such logistical requirements, an additional 2-5 days will be necessary to centralise all items before the items are shipped off internationally. This will result in a bigger save on the international shipping overall.

Shipping of Digital Reproductions

DMA has an agreement with all the artists it partners with that all digital reproductions of Original Artwork are handled by DMA on behalf of the artist. The reason for this is that DMA only makes use of the most professional suppliers and supplies when it comes to digital reproductions so as not to jeopardise the quality and longevity of the digital reproductions. The digital reproductions are made available mostly on an on-demand basis. As a result, the shipping process with regards to digital reproductions is straight forward as they will all ship in a tube(s) from the supplier in one movement. However, if you, the buyer, wish that some of or all of the prints purchased to be stretched, blocked, framed, etc then this will possibly affect the shipping trail as various suppliers are then being utilised to meet your requirements.

Delivery Methods

Within South Africa: reputable and reliable courier services which make use of road transportation will be utilised to ensure that your parcel is securely delivered to your specified delivery address.

International Shipping:

  1. Door-to-Door: The parcel will be transported directly to your specified address and is a more convenient method of transportation than Door-to-Terminal; however it is generally more costly.
  2. Door-to-Terminal: The parcel will be transported to any major airport specified by you. Collecting it from the airport will be by your own arrangement and at your own expense. This is a more affordable means of shipping internationally, especially for larger parcels. However, smaller parcels between 0.5kg and 2kg (these are approximates, and are merely indicative) may be cheaper using the Door-to-Door method.
Packaging Methods

Custom Built Plywood Crating

Mentioned first, this is the most secure and most aesthetically pleasing packaging that we offer. This is custom built to snugly fit the parcel being moved. Naturally, this is also the most costly means of packaging as not only does the materials and labour cost more but the actual shipping rate is also increased due to the weight and size of this method of packaging. This method of packaging is highly recommended for international shipping of larger, heavier, and higher value items. All 3-D art (i.e. sculptures, etc) will only be shipped using this method.

Flat Pack

More cost effective than custom built crating (mentioned above), DMA will use cardboard and bubble wrap (and hardboard if necessary) to securely and snugly package your item(s). This method of packaging is suitable for 2-D art (flat artwork, stretched canvas, etc) and is the favourite method of packaging for transportation within South Africa. Whilst many artworks have been shipped internationally using this method, the custom built crates (mentioned above) offer a far more secure packaging for an international shipping trail which allows for more room for error due to the additional movement, timeframe, and change of hands involved.

Shipping Tubes

All 2-D artworks that can be rolled up neatly in a strong cardboard tube will enjoy this method of packaging. Digital reproductions (“Prints”) of Original Artwork will be shipped using this method by default unless otherwise specified or if it is required that the Prints are stretched, blocked, etc. It is possible in most instances to request Original Artwork in 2-D format that is by default stretched to be un-stretched and shipped via this method to save on shipping costs.

Note International Shipping: Whilst all three packaging methods above are suitable for shipping 2-D art internationally, DMA encourages either the custom built crate method or the shipping tubes (where possible) method for international shipping of 2-D art.

Shipping Costs

For shipping internationally, no VAT is charged. Please note that for international shipping that your items purchased may be subject to additional charges for duties, taxes, customs-related fees, storage, and other miscellaneous fees which are levied once your package reaches your destination and these are for your expense. Our quotes for shipping are only for the transportation of the package.

Please note that shipping rates are based on the weight of the package, which includes the packaging of the item. Weight is calculated at the higher of either the actual or volumetric weight (this is based on the size of the package).


Insurance is optional and costs an additional 1.5% of the value of the item(s) being shipped. If no indication is provided by you to opt for or decline insurance, then insurance will be opted for by default for your expense.


For local deliveries, delivery can take from 2 to 5 working days to reach you.

For international deliveries, delivery normally takes 5 to 14 days to be delivered to your specified destination but can take up to a month depending on a number of contributing factors.

This timeframe applies to the actual shipping process in its entirety from the point of despatch to the point of it reaching your destination. However, it does not include, for example, the 2 to 5 days taken to produce digital reproductions or the 2 to 5 days to build a custom-sized crate for packaging. These are operational issues preceding the shipping process and are not considered a part of the shipping timeframe as spelled out above.

Other Important Notices
  • The item(s) purchased will only be dispatched for delivery once payment thereof reflects in our specified account (PayPal or our Bank Account).
  • DMA will and cannot be held accountable for any delays as a result of postal, courier, or/and customs delays; or force majeure and any guarantees or representations made by DMA or its service providers, explicit or implicit, as to delivery times, is not binding upon us.
  • Please note that some items that are available for purchase are not directly handled and packaged by DMA before they are despatched and are handled and packaged by the artist themselves. We have an agreement with the artist as to how the item should be handled and packaged so that the high degree of professionalism thereof is maintained. However, should you not be satisfied with the packaging of your item(s), you may e-mail us at to notify us of the issue.
  • Upon receipt of your parcel, please do not sign for it until you are satisfied that your item(s) have reached you in a perfect condition. Upon receiving your parcel, please inspect the packaging for any scuffs, punctures, or damage of any kind. Make notes thereof, take photos thereof and please let us know immediately by mailing us at